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This work is a combination of digital and scanned material that have been manipulated on the computer

Some of the pieces come from series. One series "Sinners and Saints" is derived from religious "mythology" which was one established format in which to portray the male nude in art, while another "Men of the World" was created to illustrate man's sensual nature while placing him in the context of the world.



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transparent_giftransparent_gif dutiful son  
alternative photography
experimental photography
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art constructions
digital photo manipulation
conventional photography
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        dutiful son thumb angel angst thumb dark angel thumb j deposition spirit thumb j deposition thumb j ascent 2 thumb j ascent thumb lazarus b thumb lazarus w thumb j fallen angel thumb r st sebastian thumb s behold thy son thumb s pieta 3 thumb s pieta 4 thumb t crucifixion thumb t_deposition thumb t in the garden thumb t lazarus thumb v angel blue thumb v expulsion from garden thumb  
      v laying hands thumb v remorse thumb v repentant angel thumb saint v thumb m antarctica thumb m brazil thumb m greece thumb m mediterranean thumb m norht america thumb m pacifica ocean thumb m west us thumb m west pacific coast thumb m soviet union thumb m africa thumb fred thumb self portrait thumb j pieta thumb lone pine thumb flutterbye thumb atlas shrugged thumb  
      desert bloom thumb blue moon thumb dont ask thumb   kiss 2000 thumb kiss ass thumb lake skinner thumb mary in a shell thumb skull thumb tomorrows child thumb catalina thumb yesterdays child thumb your move thumb your move too thumb skinnydip 1 thumb skinnydip 2 thumb stream thumb streamdream thumb techno thumb subdued    
      blue bloom thumb country house thumb