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The chlorophyll process is an unusual experimental photographic process. The work displayed here is something I've been investigating and testing for a number of years. The chlorophyll process uses the natural process of light, carbon dioxide and water, and the re-composition of matter.

I work with general subject matter repeating and reusing the images over and over. I find this repetition exaggerates and amplifies the nuances and slight variation which I find terrifically interesting.



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        double trees thumb sailboat 1 thumb sailboat 2 thumb sailboat 3 thumb angani thumb backbend 1 austin thumb dress up thumb I support you thumb balancing act 1 thumb frog jump thumb froggie thumb on hands 1 thumb scott and sue thumb standup thumb balancing act thumb fairy tail thumb for you thumb my foundation thumb siblings thumb  
      sister and brother thumb upside right thumb rocking chair thumb round chair thumb three chairs thumb mod chair thumb two chairs thumb reflection thumb shade tree thumb spring thumb sugar bush thumb tree thumb sailboat flame thumb sail away thumb chair 1 thumb chair 2 thumb chair 3 thumb chair 4 thumb chair 5 thumb chair 6 thumb  
      chair 7 thumb ascent v1 thumb ascent v3 thumb learning to fly thumb muscle 1 thumb angel v1 thumb piety v2 thumb piety v3 thumb piety v5 thumb into your hands thumb longing v3 thumb longing v5 thumb longing v6 thumb resignation v1 thumb longing v1 thumb escape v1 thumb escape v2 thumb escape v3 thumb torn pages tree 1 thumb tree silhouette 2 thumb    
      tree silhouette 3 thumb pieta leaf v3 thumb pieta leaf v5 thumb pieta leaf v7 thumb angel angst leaf v1 angel angst leaf v2 thumb