transparent gifpolaroid photography, image tranfers & emulsion lifts
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Polaroid images in this gallery consist of Polaroid image transfers, Polaroid emulsion lifts or emulsion transfers and various other Polaroid film with photo manipulations and variations.

There are a series of pieces that deal with multiple variations of the same subject. I'm fascinated by the infininte diversity within a seemingly simple single image.

Polaroid photography gives immediate satisfaction as well as being unpredictable and exciting.

Additionally, I'm also incorporating digital imaging and manipulation with some of these Polaroid processes, creating unique hybred art.


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transparent_giftransparent_gif expulsion  
alternative photography
experimental photography
unconventional photo
art constructions
digital photo manipulation
conventional photography
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        expulsion thumb piety 6 thumb piety 1 thumb piety 10 thumb piety 11 thumb piety 12 thumb piety 3 thumb piety 4 thumb piety 5 thumb piety 7 thumb piety 8 thumb piety 9 thumb piety 2 thumb arla thumb angel thumb crucifixion p1 thumb crucifixion p10 thumb crucifixion p11 thumb crucifixion p12 thumb crucifixion p13 thumb  
      crucifixion p14 thumb crucifixion p15 thumb crucifixion p16 thumb crucifixion p19 thumb crucifixion p2 thumb crucifixion p3 thumb crucifixion p4 thumb crucifixion p5 thumb crucifixion p7 thumb crucifixion p9 thumb in the garden p1 thumb in the garden p2 thumb in the garden p3 thumb in the garden p4 thumb in the garden p5 thumb in the garden p6 thumb in the garden p7 thumb in the garden p8 thumb in the garden p9 thumb release p1 thumb  
      lazarus p1 thumb lazarus p10 thumb lazarus p11 thumb lazarus p2 thumb lazarus p3 thumb lazarus p4 thumb lazarus p5 thumb lazarus p6 thumb lazarus p7 thumb lazarus p8 thumb lazarus p9 thumb st sebastian p1 thumb st sebastian p10 thumb st sebastian p11 thumb st sebastian p12 thumb st sebastian p13 thumb st sebastian p14 thumb st sebastian p2 thumb st sebastian p3 thumb st sebastian p4 thumb    
      st sebastian p6 thumb st sebastian p7 thumb st sebastian p8 thumb st sebastian p9 thumb baptism p1 thumb baptism p10 thumb baptism p11 thumb baptism p12 thumb baptism p13 thumb baptism p14 thumb baptism p2 thumb baptism p3 thumb baptism p4 thumb baptism p5 thumb baptism p6 thumb baptism p7 thumb baptism p8 thumb baptism p9 thumb dont walk thumb expulsion no2 thumb    
      expulsion p10 thumb expulsion p11 thumb expulsion p12 thumb expulsion p13 thumb expulsion p14 thumb expulsion p15 thumb expulsion p2 thumb expulsion p3 thumb expulsion p5 thumb expulsion p6 thumb expulsion p8 thumb expulsion p9 thumb my brothers keeper p1 thumb my brothers keeper p2 thumb my brothers keeper p3 thumb my brothers keeper p4 thumb my brothers keeper p5 thumb my brothers keeper p6 thumb my brothers keeper thumb dots thumb    
      backstroke thumb bike thumb blooms thumb catherine thumb summer bloom thumb 8 leaves thumb economy thumb entrance thumb exercise thumb fountain thumb hydrant thumb monkey thumb monkey 2 thumb red leaves thumb rose petal thumb self portrait 84 thumb sevale 8 thumb sherman way thumb sunkist thumb torso 2 thumb    
      torso 3 thumb torso 1 thumb torso 11 thumb torso 4 thumb torso 6 thumb torso 8 thumb torso 9 thumb trumpet 11 thumb trumpet 12 thumb trumpet 13 thumb trumpet 14 thumb two palms thumb venice thumb