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My idea of conventional photography or traditional photography here are photos that have been produced via gelatin silver prints or digital photos that have little to no correction or manipulation.

In basic photography there are a number of things you can do to produce a photograph; you can play with depth of field and utilize timed exposures during the picture taking process just to name a couple.

In the printing process you can work with the contrast, dodging and burning. Along with this I often use the Sabattier effect (some people call this solarization) in the printing process. Finally, some images have been toned as well.

However, for the most part the images here are basic photographs.

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        juak and treyden thumb baja planter 1 thumb cabo planter cabo hut thumb cabo pot thumb hilton cabo thumb virgin mary thumb andre thumb danika thumb purseu thumb edwardo thumb merle thumb farewell thumb see you thumb joe thumb roadside memorial thumb maverick thumb coffee talk thumb oregon silouette thumb passion play thumb  
      plus pool thumb catalina thumb seattle fox and hounds thumbs creek thumb railroad crossing thumb towers thumb pond thumb concrete thumb memorial thumb family thumb dearborn park cover thumb dearborn park thumb vaszquez rocks cover thumb vasquez rocks thumb brendan thumb brothers keeper thumb caged thumb fault thumb flight thumb haunted thumb  
      ladder thumb looking back thumb monkey and me thumb old flame thumb paul thumb self portrait 90 thumb spirit thumb take down thumb taking leave thumb underfoot 1 thumb underfoot 2 thumb underfoot 3 thumb underfoot 4 thumb underfoot 5 thumb alaska fjord thumb allen at och thumb bill at och thumb christy at och thumb chuck at och thumb dj rick thumb    
      pat at och thumb lupe at och thumb rick at och thumb tommy uk cowboy thumb c thumb cabo cactus thumb cabo ride 1 thumb cabo ride 2 thumb cabo street thumb grandma hazel thumb kylee thumb pumpkin mav thumb trey thumb z thumb sharp mark thumb water and wood thumb wet bob thumb hg 1 thumb hg 10 thumb hg 11 thumb    
      hg 12 thumb hg 13 thumb hg 2 thumb hg 3 thumb hg 4 thumb hg 5 thumb hg 6 thumb hg 7 thumb hg 8 thumb hg 9 thumb lone pine 3 cover thumb lone pine thumb lone pine 2 thumb lone pine 1 thumb