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The photographic constructions on this page are unconventional photo mixed media collage, assemblage and bricolage.

The photograph is always the constant and usually the impetus; the rest of the piece is constructed around the photograph(s).

This idea is liberating and allows me to break with the idea of what a photograph should be and play with the notion of what a photo can be.



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transparent_giftransparent_gif pasture  
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experimental photography
unconventional photo
art constructions
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conventional photography
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        pasture thumb traveling world thumb blue skies and clear sailing thumb bumping into walls thumb worlds away thumb war and peace thumb come near thumb grasp thumb he kept leaping thumb starry skies thumb ship 8x10 thumb merle thumb nostalgia thumb oval leaf thumb peace and quiet thumb peace and quiet detail thumb pushing up flowers thumb        
        extol thumb wedding pillow 1 thumb wedding pillow 2 thumb behind doors thumb brothers keeper thumb butterfly ties thumb ca fault thumb cowboy hymn thumb dreams of a white picket fence 1 thumb dreams of a white picket fence 2 thumb flame thumb get wet thumb gingerbread man thumb happy house thumb hold your horses thumb I am a real boy thumb mansaic thumb mary go round thumb men in the moon thumb  
      monkey and me thumb prone thumb putting you first thumb strange man thumb struggle inside side 1 thumb struggle inside side 2 thumb tiny dancers thumb constantine thumb dont ask dont tell dont care thumb   keep it in your drawers thumb malebox thumb with a little luck thumb