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Unconventional and altered works in this area incorporate and fuses a variety of historical and unconventional processes in their make-up.

Each print is unique although an image or subject may be used many times.

Work may be reworked and manipulated numerous times simply to study, explore and enjoy the act of discovery and innovation.






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alternative photography
experimental photography
unconventional photo
art constructions
digital photo manipulation
conventional photography
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      roadside_memorial thumb delivered thumb forbidden thumb into the night thumb leaving thumb transform thumb undercover thumb solar victory thumb abyss thumb alter thumb ascent thumb awakening thumb creation thumb develop thumb evolve thumb expand thumb garden 1 thumb garden 2 thumb garden 3 thumb liberty thumb  
      mist thumb night thumb spiral thumb tether thumb thorns thumb transition thumb wonder thumb chaos thumb first night thumb hard night thumb let there be light thumb release 1 thumb release 2 thumb release 3 thumb second day thumb angel angst 4 thumb angel angst 5 thumb angel angst 6 thumb for rent thumb indian potter thumb    
      flutterby thumb herakles thumb kenolich thumb lets make a deal thumb mesa verde thumb monument valley thumb   the journey thumb twins thumb watch dog thumb