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The images in this gallery consist of alternative and historic photographic processes.

The first group consists of photograms, chemogram and lumen prints which are unique cameraless images. The photogram dates back to the origins of photography.

Cyanotype, distinguished by its vivid blue color, was the first successful non-silver photographic printing process. Sir John Herschel invented it as well as the brown colored Van Dyke or Kallitype process in 1842.

The process known as albumen was introduced by Blaquart-Evard in 1850. Its color is yellow-brown to red-brown and it uses paper coated with egg whites.

Salt prints are also brown and are a process using salt and silver nitrate.

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        bleeding_heart destructing heart thumb bleeding hearts thumb byepast thumb early on thumb column 1 thumb dorange thumb purple passion thumb accidents and angels thumb bursting out thumb electrick leaf thumb exaclty that thumb heading out thumb hearts and hummingbirds thumb memories of fall milk melody thumb trumpet leaf duet thumb captured shadow thumb equalibrium thumb flash flower thumb  
      great pumpkin thumb hearts and holes thumb light of night thumb mental web thumb midnight madness thumb moonlight madness thumb morning glory thumb morning mist thumb old frame thumb mustard thumb remembrance thumb shots in the dark thumb sweet darkness thumb sweetness thumb tempest thumb thoughts in madness thumb united in light thumb fall fantasy thumb rays of hope thumb  
      spirit rising thumb angel trumpet thumb black trumpet thumb trumpet flower 2 thumb six leaves thumb lumenscape 1 thumb trumpet flower 1 thumb victory thumb   fern thumb domestic partners thumb companies thumb crucifixion thumb deposition thumb forever after thumb getty cyanotype thumb journey thumb kiss ass thumb mayan temple thumb three wise man thumb    
      ascent thumb dont ask dont tell cyan thumb flutterbye 2 thumb mesa verde 2 victory too thumb yesterdays child thumb